Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thoughts on Etsy

Here is an article about Etsy's Success and the possible growing pains the site is and will be facing. There has been a consistent movement on-site regarding vintage and supplies, mainly coming from the vintage and supply sellers that are trying to have Etsy broaden it's focus from Handmade to also include in it's scope a place to buy supplies and vintage items. Let me assure you the discussions have been fierce.

I weighted into one, more out of true curiosity rather than opinion. I asked these sellers who focus on Supplies and Vintage why they would join a site that clearly does not focus on this area, but then promptly demand they make it easier for them to sell their wares, when they clearly do not fit the Etsy vision. In fact here is Etsy's mission statement:
Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade.
Our mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.
Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice:Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade.
I personally joined the site being completely aware that this was its focus and it was why I wanted to be part of it. I would probably be up in arms if they changed or altered the context of Etsy to cater to a broader demographic. It suddenly becomes less unique, and in my opinion panders. I hear the argument of the sellers of both vintage and supplies, but I have to wonder... this was the focus of this site when they joined, if it doesn't fit, move on to something that does.

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