Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the RIBBON hem

Here's a fun project for your ribbon scraps!

Maybe it's my line of work...but the amount of scrap ribbon around my house is alarming and I'm always trying to come up with ways to include my bits and bobs into something new and unique.

Here is a great tutorial for making your own Ribbon Fringe. My best tip is to make sure that your "border ribbon" is a good thick grosgrain ribbon. For those of you who don't have scraps and want to go shopping...I highly recommend Strano Ribbon for this project simply because it is the best stuff out there!

Once the Fringe is made, it's time to attach it to something. I added mine to some jeans that my daughter loved, but had become just a tad short...this added the length and some fun. Be prepared to be bombarded with requests from strangers and friends to know where you bought them, though!
Add this ribbon fringe to the edge of pillow case, the bottom of a lamp shade, curtains, a skirt, a table runner...the possibilities are endless. So get some scraps and start ironing! ;)


Anonymous said...

sweetness! i love this idea. thanx.

Celina said...

Adorable idea! I am so glad I've been keeping all my ribbon scraps now!

Debra said...

That's wonderful. Your little model is so cute!

(By the way....I did a ribbon tutorial on my blog too)

Holly said...

OMG, this is inspired! I love it :)

michelle {sweet mady's paper} said...

that is absolutely fabulous!