Friday, February 29, 2008

March Promotion!

I've decided to put some wand packages together for the month of March. It's a promotion and as such will offer multiple wands at a great discount. The ribbon length of the wand packages will be slightly less than 2 yards per wand. So if you're interested in multiple wands for whatever reason: BFF matched gifts, weddings, holidays, March might be the month to get a pack of Ribbon Wands.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ribbon Girl Commissions

Every little flower girl will adore getting a Ribbon Wand to use in the wedding or as a gift. They are a wonderful and creative prop for creative photographs as well as lots of fun to play with and a beautiful toy they can keep to remember the event.

Flower Girl Commissions begin at $20.00 and this commission will create the prototype for your distinct Ribbon Wand Collection. Each additional Wand is $10.00 and payable once the prototype is accepted, as well as the appropriate shipping value.

We work closely with your needs on each custom order to ensure the wand is unique and represents what you want for your one of a kind wedding. The wands are beautifully packaged, adorned with special charms and elements that will reflect your big day. I even save a special swiss made satin ribbon especially for these wands to ensure they are extra special.

Please allow a minimum of 5 weeks notice prior to the big day! We want to ensure their safe arrival!


Nikki @ Ribbon Wands

Friday, February 22, 2008

Beyond first base

Making lots of wand bases this week. I definately went past 1st base...
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Custom Orders: length and wood finish

I welcome custom ribbon requests, they are truly the heart and soul of my business. Having said that, there are some guidelines that I must follow. I do not make wands specifically for children under the age of 5. My wands are meant for children and children at heart who are 5 years of age and over. I am bound by my own conscience as well as the laws of my country in this respect.

Regarding length of the wand: You can request a shorter length, should you desire, but longer is difficult to work with and extremely expensive to mail. I do not make wand bases in lengths over 12 inches. Wand base finishes can come in basic wood finish of blonde or brunette. I have been more specific in the past, but this is a business catering to children and what do they know about maple and mahogany, so this is the simplified terminology we embrace here at ribbon wands, with our deepest apologies to red heads and raven haired users.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Etsy Buyer 411

So you've found ETSY. You've fallen in love with a certain little something and decide it must be yours. Now what?

Sign up.
Think about your user name carefully. Should you want to become a seller in the future, this will be linked to your store identity. ETSY frowns upon multiple accounts for one individual and should you have more than one store or identity you are required to disclose that information in each store and in dealings with other sellers.

Why do I need to sign up? It is important for the seller to have accurate mailing information and contact information for you. By insuring this information is accurate, your ease of purchase in the future is clear and precise for the shopkeepers to access and ensure your product arrives safely to the correct address. Your mailing address and email are provided to the seller upon the sale of product and remain password protected in their individual account.

Add item to cart.
Once you've purchased the product, you are then given the options of payment. PayPal is the most universal online payment option. This allows you to keep your personal banking and credit information private, while still enjoying ease of online shopping at unique and diverse online stores. The fees for this service are paid entirely by the seller. You can also set your PayPal up to access funds directly from your bank account, all the while keeping your personal information as generic as an email address.

Some shops accept other forms of payment; such as money orders, personal cheques and may also accept Google Wallet. Most ETSY shops share this information in their profiles, so if you're not sure, or want more options be sure to check this area out, as it differs on a shop by shop basis.

Shipping really differs from store to store. Pricing is clearly marked on the main product page, but length of time for delivery differs greatly. Some shops make to order, so you may be waiting up to a month to receive your order. I have learned that this is a trait some buyers can handle and other's cannot. My best advice to any new buyer at ETSY is to read the shop's profile, ask questions, and order well in advance. Then give at least two weeks for the product to arrive.

I know I come from the Canadian school of thought on this topic but my advice is to relax; Etsians want to please you, they want a good reputation through positive feedback, so don't panic if you're order isn't there immediately. Should a parcel get lost or the timeline is extreme, contact the shop and together work for a positive solution.

ETSY is filled with artisans who excel at what they do, who have unique talents and abilities and have found a means to bring them to your door. This truly is one of the perks of our digital age. Embrace it and enjoy!