Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ribbon Girl Commissions

Every little flower girl will adore getting a Ribbon Wand to use in the wedding or as a gift. They are a wonderful and creative prop for creative photographs as well as lots of fun to play with and a beautiful toy they can keep to remember the event.

Flower Girl Commissions begin at $20.00 and this commission will create the prototype for your distinct Ribbon Wand Collection. Each additional Wand is $10.00 and payable once the prototype is accepted, as well as the appropriate shipping value.

We work closely with your needs on each custom order to ensure the wand is unique and represents what you want for your one of a kind wedding. The wands are beautifully packaged, adorned with special charms and elements that will reflect your big day. I even save a special swiss made satin ribbon especially for these wands to ensure they are extra special.

Please allow a minimum of 5 weeks notice prior to the big day! We want to ensure their safe arrival!


Nikki @ Ribbon Wands

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