Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Custom Orders: length and wood finish

I welcome custom ribbon requests, they are truly the heart and soul of my business. Having said that, there are some guidelines that I must follow. I do not make wands specifically for children under the age of 5. My wands are meant for children and children at heart who are 5 years of age and over. I am bound by my own conscience as well as the laws of my country in this respect.

Regarding length of the wand: You can request a shorter length, should you desire, but longer is difficult to work with and extremely expensive to mail. I do not make wand bases in lengths over 12 inches. Wand base finishes can come in basic wood finish of blonde or brunette. I have been more specific in the past, but this is a business catering to children and what do they know about maple and mahogany, so this is the simplified terminology we embrace here at ribbon wands, with our deepest apologies to red heads and raven haired users.

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