Friday, February 16, 2007

The Wands

The wands are made from maple; some are painted, others are stained to bring out the natural quality of the wood. Though in the past we experimented with the size of the wand, our standard wand is now 12 inches. We then install special hardware to ensure the ribbon can move and twist freely. NEW FOR 2007 - Patterned wands! Too cool for school. Photos coming soon!!

A minimum of 6 feet of swiss made satin ribbon is then attached and each end of the ribbon is sealed, so there is no worry of the ribbon fraying with use. Many people have requested grosgrain or patterned ribbon, unfortunately this ribbon does not provide the best play experience and I just can't sell something I don't find fun to play with, even if it looks pretty. We have experiemented with every type of ribbon and have found that satin is the most satisfying choice for ribbon.

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Nicole said...

They are just so pretty Nikki!